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News 2023

The new products for 2023 are ready for in-store sales. 


Last year’s success with Hama Art is being continued this year with an additional three boxes – one work of art by Paul Klee, as well as 3D flowers and 3D succulents. Furthermore, there are three boxes with jewellery, three stylish girls and two animals in an animal salon that can be decorated with clothes and coloured hair.
We have acquired a new licence – Paw Patrol, which we have made in beautiful 3D models and ordinary pegboards.
The range has been extended with two new beautiful green colours, Eucalyptus (101) and Forest Green (102), which fit harmoniously into the palette with green colours. The beads are available in bags with single colours #201, #205 and #207.

The colour cards with all the bead colours can be seen and downloaded here

Would you like to take a closer look at the products.


We are expanding the range of pegboards with a small heart #8231. The heart can be purchased on its own, but also in packs with 100 or 400 beads. Paw Patrol is also available in Maxi #8752 – 2 fantastic motifs featuring Chase and Marshall.


The 2 new bead colours are also available in Mini. Can be purchased on item numbers. 501-101 Eucalyptus and 501-102 Forest Green

Are you only interested in this year’s news?

Take a look here for a small brochure that features news from this year only.