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Hama Bead-Tac

We have all found ourselves in situations where beads fell off the pegboard before they were ironed. It doesn’t matter whether the table got knocked, something hit the pegboard or something else happened. It’s always a shame when a beautiful bead pattern is ruined after having spent time and energy putting it together.

Hama Bead-Tac solves this problem. Hama Bead-Tac is placed on the pegboard, sticky side up. Beads can be placed and moved around until the desired pattern is ready. The design can then be ironed and the Hama Bead-Tac removed from the pegboard. Hama Bead-Tac can be used more than once. We have prepared a sheet showing the five small geometric pegboards that are included in the following packages:

#7701 Tub containing 20,000 beads, 5 pegboards, design sheet, ironing instructions and ironing paper
#7711 Blister pack containing 5 small pegboards
#7721 Bag with sticky Bead-Tac inlay

Products are available for purchase here.

Hama Bead-Tac

It is now even more fun to play with beads, with fewer accidents. Look how easy it is to use Hama Bead-Tac.

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