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Welcome to our colourful world of beads

Stimulate your creativity - with beads, patterns and pegboards. Not only does bead play train motor and logical skills, it allows you to let your creativity soar. Our products are a creative challenge for children as young as three years of age, one that many children continue to enjoy for years; a colourful, fun and relaxing activity that allows them to develop.

Would you like to go behind the scenes at our factory?

Have you ever wondered how beads are made, how the pegboards get their shape, how we pack our beads, or whether we keep any stock? Now you can find answers to everything.

We have made a short film about what goes on behind the scenes at our factory in Nykøbing, Denmark.

Bead play on-the-go!

Bead play on-the-go!

Taking all your tubs of beads and pegboards with you in the car, bus or plane can easily turn into one big mess. Our Hama Universe app lets you explore a digital playground where you can play with virtual beads.

Try our app on your tablet or telephone and set your inner bead artist free!