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Hama - creative play for growing children


The special strength of Hama products is that they are educational. They are not just ordinary toys. They challenge children’s motor skills, creativity and train their ability to concentrate.

Children develop their most basic skills during their first year of life. They learn to recognise colours, grip small objects, tell one shape from another, get an idea of quantities, and so on. And it’s at this young age that Hama products really come into their own as an educational toy.

Hama products give children as young as three years of age a creative challenge. Hama is designed and adapted to follow your child’s development, starting from baby attempts to control motor skills. Then as your child grows, Hama products gradually make the switch from educational toys to a creative hobby.

If you would like to get to know us better, you can read more about Hama and our products below.

Hama products are developed and manufactured in Nykøbing Mors in Denmark, where our distribution is also based. We are proud to consistently supply a safe, high-quality product that is fully compliant with EU standards. For information about how to correctly dispose of our products once you have finished using them, about vapour/fume emissions when ironing, or if you just want to see our full range of quality creative toys for children and adults, please see below.