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Come and explore Hama Safari Park!


Come and see the huge and amazing creations made from Hama beads. There are wild animals, trolls, teddy bears and “statues”. They are on display in front of our factory from 1 May until around 15 October.

For the winter season, we present Halloween, Winter, Christmas and Easter designs on the lawns at Hama Safari Park.

Why not visit Hama Safari Park, where you can see and take photographs of the impressive large animal figures, which are all made of standard pegboards just like the ones that you use. There is also playground equipment and tables/benches where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a packed lunch, There are also toilet facilities.
There is no charge for entry and you can take a free postcard home with you.

The Hama Safari Park is at Ringvejen 50, DK-7900, Nykøbing Mors in Denmark. Latitude: 56.8027 | Longitude: 8.851634.

There is parking within a short distance of the park.