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Use test of Hama Beads


An independent laboratory has tested if beads and pegboards respectively produce chemical substances when they are being ironed. The test was carried out exactly as if the ironing is done in the home / institution, using a hot iron applied to a piece of ironing paper placed on top of the beads, until the beads fuse together. A pegboard without beads was tested in the same way. During the tests the air above the samples was analysed for chemical substances.

The test of the pegboard without beads showed no chemical substances could be found. In the test of the beads very small quantities of the chemical substance pentamethylheptane were found. 0.026 mg/kgxh was measured. This means that 1 kg of beads corresponding to approx. 17,000 beads must be ironed in one hour before 0.026 mg pentamethylheptane is obtained. This concludes it is not unhealthy to inhale air or to stay in rooms where the beads and pegboards are being ironed. A high concentration of pentamethylheptane may cause mucosal irritation.

This test was performed in 2009, but we have since changed/replaced the ingredient composition of our beads and pegboards.

If you wish to receive the analysis report with the test results please contact Birgitte Gregersen

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