Hama App

Hama Universe

It will now be possible to take beads and pegboards with you when on the go. Malte Haaning Plastic A/S, which since 1971 has manufactured beads, has just launched the Hama Universe app, which is a digital universe for the classic play with beads and pegboards.
The invitation of Hama beads for creative and developing play and the high quality of the product have given the Hama brand a unique position in the global market, and now the success is being expanded to a digital platform.
About going digital  
The idea of developing an app has not been without reservations for the family-owned business, but with Hama Universe, Hama will remain faithful to its core product – namely fun with beads, patterns and pegboards. In a colourful universe consisting of a pirate, princess and circus island, the child's fine motor skills and memory will be challenged when the beads are put in place and the patterns are reproduced before the bead designs are "ironed" and saved in the digital universe. Hama Universe supports creative play and enhances the child's concentration, creative abilities and creativity.
In addition, Hama Universe acts as an extension of the traditional play with beads, but in a new framework that is otherwise unfamiliar for the experience.
Bead play on-the-go
With a tablet or phone in hand, your child can let his or her creativity flourish – also where traditional bead play has limitations. Whether it is in the car, the sofa or at big brother's swimming lessons, Hama Universe can offer hours of creative fun: "Children spend incredible amounts of time on tablets and phones, and we are very pleased now to be able to offer our core product exactly where they are," says Lene Haaning, Director of Malte Haaning Plastic A/S.

Hama Universe is for everyone who likes to play with beads, but designed for children aged 5-7 years as the primary target group. The app can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play.