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Hama on YouTube!

We are pleased and proud to inform you that we have created a Hama channel on YouTube.

This channel features inspirational videos made by Hama to show you how to make the best use of your creative bead skills. Bead play is about far more than killing time; it’s a way of honing concentration and motor skills. It also allows children to produce fun, detailed bead patterns that can be used as decorations, perhaps on special occasions. Getting an end product by sticking with it is particularly fun for children. Playing with beads is even more fun and productive when children can see the designs they have spent time making hanging in the window, offered as host/hostess gifts or used as a prize in a party game.

We think it’s important in our videos to show the full working process when playing and working with our beads. All our videos start by laying out the beads, ironing and then cooling the finished design under a book. The design is then completed for use in other contexts, such as birthday decorations, jewellery, a 3D sheep or a flower mobile.

Download the patterns shown in the videos from Club Hama.

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