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HAMA Universe - an app for the adventorous!

We have just introduced a new and mysterious island to our cool app.


If you are brave enough, you can now visit a new, exciting and mysterious island in the HAMA Universe. Let loose all the strange and whimsical patterns and make the moon shine over the mysterious island.

Move around the atmospheric island in the dark, experiencing unexplored caves, strange plants and fairy-tale designs. Not only are you invited to this new and exciting universe, you can also play with three new bright, luminous bead colours. Now you can play with red, blue and green luminous beads in the HAMA Universe.
Choose to solve the 60 new pattern puzzles, or experience the wonder of the magical luminous beads.

Then continue on to the different pegboards and continue playing with the glowing beads and the unique light effects on the gallery planet.

Once again, HAMA Universe offers many hours of valuable educational play, this time with three new luminous bead colours on the fantastic and atmospheric mysterious island.

Join us, if you dare!

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Digital Beads

Hama Universe takes traditional bead play away from its usual limitations and dresses it in a new digital outfit. This doesn’t mean less creativity or less fun. All it means is that we have adapted to the digital age.

Download the app from App store or GooglePlay.

Beads on-the-go!

A beads app has several advantages. Beads won’t fall off and roll everywhere and it is easy to take with you on a trip. Taking something along to keep the children entertained on long journeys is a great idea. And what could be better than entertainment that helps them learn?

Cool bead patterns and inspiration