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New products 2021

The new products for 2021 are ready for in-store sales. The new products include 4 new Midi colours, 2 Maxi colours and a total of 10 new Mini colours. 2 Midi pegboards and 2 Maxi pegboards and many different theme boxes.


The 4 new colours are: pastel rose, pastel lilac, pastel ice blue and pastel mint. The new colour chart can be seen here. Beads are available in our bags of loose beads 201, 205 and 207, and they are also included in a number of the new products and mix 50. There is also a new mix #58 with colours #77..79 and 82..84, which are the new colours from 2020.

The new pegboards are a Christmas tree and a little mermaid. The Christmas tree can be made with or without a star and base and it can form part of a beautiful Christmas decoration.

The Hama connector, which is available in #4902, is included in a number of this year's new products. We’ve used it in #3045, Noah’s ark, where the ship takes the form of a pouch that can hold your bead animals. The #3157 Snackbox includes pizza, cake, a burger and chicken thighs. Put all of them together using the Hama connector and you're ready to play. Numbers 3251 and 3252 include a pirate with a pencil holder and a pair of horses. The heads of the horses fit on the ends of the included pencils.

Hama Bead-Tac is available for 3 new pegboards. Midi #234 and #329 and Maxi: #8224. They are available either separately or with the pegboards that they fit. If you're not familiar with Hama Bead-Tac, it is a self-adhesive label that is placed with the sticky side facing up when you put it on the pegboard. Then the beads stick to the label, so if an accident happens and the pegboard gets lost before ironing, the beads will stay on the label and your project will be saved.

Watch the Hama Bead-Tac film

We have created 2 wonderful mixes that we have used in buckets #2066 and #2067. The buckets also contain pegboards and design sheets, along with no less than 15,000 beads for endless hours of play. The new mermaid pegboard #332 is part of #2066.

We have expanded our range of storage boxes with shelving and 16 small boxes with lids, ideal for storing your beads. The shelving can be purchased empty or with 16,000 beads, all divided into separate bags.

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We are expanding the range of pegboards with a penguin #8227 and a bunny #8228. Both pegboards come separately, but they are also available in a blister pack with beads #8938 and #8939. We are also adding 2 new bead colours, #70 light grey and #79 apricot, both of which are included in the new buckets with 2000 beads: #8588 and #8589.

We also decided to use the Hama Bead-Tac for 8224 in the large bucket with 3000 beads and 3 different pegboards #8805. Everything in one place to provide hours of play for the youngest of beaders.


This year we are launching 10 new colours, so the new colours from Midi 2020 and 2021 are now also part of the Mini colour scale. All the colours can be seen on colour card 99199, which can also be downloaded.

All the new products can be seen in the new product folder.