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Hama Universe

We have just launched the seventh island in Hama Universe: an underwater island. So if you are ready to dive to the bottom of the sea, you will discover a colourful world. You will find motifs of fish, mermaids, mermen, submarines, perhaps a shipwreck and more.

Underwater Island is in good company with the other islands: Pirate Island, Mysterious Island, Traffic Island, Winter Island, Circus Island and Princess Island. Each of the islands contains about 60 patterns, so there are a total of over 400 patterns for you to work on. There are also 20 different pegboards on the Rainbow, on which you can make your own patterns.

Many users use the app when they are not able to take physical beads and pegboards with them. When you are back home, you can use the motifs from the app as patterns for the physical beads.

A great many children have enjoyed Hama Universe over the years.

Try our app on your tablet or telephone and set your inner bead artist free!

Download our app on Google Play.

You can download our app from Google Play below.

Download our App from AppStore

You can download our app from AppStore below