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News 2022

The new products for 2022 are ready for in-store sales. This year, we have made four new boxes with a large artistic motif, several pegboards and many different theme boxes.


The new art boxes contain four very different motifs – a beautiful butterfly – Apollo, sunflowers, 'The Esterel Mountains' by Claude Monet and 'Road with Cypress and Star' by Van Gogh. The finished motifs measure approx. 30 x 42 cm and can be used as pictures on the wall, as decorations in a serving tray, as placemats or anything else you can think of.

We have made boxes with dogs and cats in two variants – one in 3D, which is assembled with the Hama connector, and one with regular ironable motifs. An activity box with beautiful jewellery for younger children in gorgeous pastel colours. The new pegboards are a plane and a sailing ship. The pegboards are available loose and in various packs, including tub #2053 with a wonderful mix.

Would you like to take a closer look at the products.


We are expanding the pegboard range with a lion #8229 and a small elephant #8230. Both pegboards are available loose as well as in pack #8751 with beads and motif sheet. We are also increasing the number of bead colours with one new colour – Pooh Bear yellow #60. Available in blister pack #8524. The pegboards are now available in large blister packs in seven variants.


This year, we are launching a new inspiration book with over 130 beautiful motifs spread over 49 pages. It features patterns for seasonal holidays, life events, animals, flowers and much more. The book is expected to be in stores from 1 April 2022