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New items 2024

The new items for 2024 are ready for sale in shops.

We have launched even more items in our new and great design
which appeals to the creatives of all ages.


This year we have made a large and fine box including plenty of nice bead designs as well as a box with pets, intended for the younger Hama enthusiasts. They may look like your own pets or a pet that you would like to have. We also launch a new way of making 3D designs. They are available in a box with an elephant, a giraffe, and a zebra, all very decorative and suited for decorating the living room or the playroom. Another decorative item is the beautiful graphic mask which is a part of the Hama Art range. 

We have obtained a new license – Gabby’s Dollhouse – made in nice creations. Available in 2 different boxes.

We have added 5 new and trendy colours to our range: light yellow (103), lime (104), light apricot (105), light lavender (106), and lavender (107). Available in single-coloured bags #201, #205, and #207.

You will find all bead colours here (available for download as well):

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Bio Midi

This year we have launched a range of beads and pegboards made from bioplastics which are made from a sugarcane byproduct.

They come in a range of 15 bead colours and 5 geometric shaped pegboards. The beads are available in single-coloured and mixed coloured bags of 1000 pcs. as well as mixed coloured bags of 3000 pcs. Furthermore, we have manufactured a box with 15000 beads and 1 pegboard.

The assortment is available here:


To encourage children’s play activities, we have developed the item #8753 where we combine the design sheet with a booklet with colouring pages. In this way, the child will be able to create the motif on its own, place the pegboard on top of it and turn the motif into a bead creation. 

Gabby’s Dollhouse – the very popular show created for this target group – is also available in a Maxi box version.


The 5 new colours are also available in Mini: Light yellow (103), lime (104), light apricot (105), light lavender (106), and lavender (107). Available in 501-xx.

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You can see this year’s catalogue here.